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Event Date
Flu Vaccinations - session 2 11/12/2023
3 Hazel Xmas performance for parents/carers 11/12/2023 @ 14:00
Year 2 dress up as a continent day 11/12/2023
Reception Christmas Songs 12/12/2023 @ 9:10 - 9:25am and 2:30 - 2:45pm
3 Oak Xmas performance for parents/carers 13/12/2023 @ 14:00

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Visit the website of our Parent & Teachers Association, 'The Friends of Branfil' for more informaiton about fundraising for the school and upcoming events.
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Key information

Free School Meals Holiday Scheme 

If your child is entitled to free school meals you will receive a cash payment during the holiday period.  If you haven't received this before and are a Havering resident please apply here:

If you are not a Havering resident you need to apply to your local authority.

End of Key Stage 2 SATs (Year 6)

Please see below for a presentation that gives lots of useful information about the Year 6 SATs. If you have any further questions, please contact the Year 6 team via their year group email.

Walking Map

In early 2022, Branfil Primary collaborated with Havering Council on the walking map project.  The school's Junior Travel Ambassadors in Year 5 carried out research into the local area and plotted a 5 and 10 minute walking zone.  This map is personalised to our school and not only identifies the timed walking zones, but also high and low pollution routes, bus stops and nearby parking.  

At Branil we understand the importance of mental and physical wellbeing in all our lives.  By encourgaging more sustainable travel to and from school for our families, we hope to not only improve the air quality around our school, but also to support children arriving refreshed, fit and ready to learn!

Find a copy of our leaflet below and photos of the winning banner designs too.