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Event Date
Children's Mental Health Week 06/02/2023
Online Safety Workshops 06/02/2023
The 2 Johns Online Safety Parental Workshop (via Zoom) 06/02/2023 @ 8PM
Year 2 Trip to Upminster Park 06/02/2023
Year 6 - Financial Skills - World of work 09/02/2023

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Visit the website of our Parent & Teachers Association, 'The Friends of Branfil' for more informaiton about fundraising for the school and upcoming events.
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Family maths toolkit

Family Maths Toolkit - Year 3

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Decorations light box_copyrightupdate_23.06.2016.pdf
Domino animal_copyrightupdate_23.06.2016.pdf
Firework show_copyrightupdate_23.06.2016.pdf
Jungle expedition_copyrightupdate_Final.pdf
Rangoli pattern_copyrightupdate_23.06.2016.pdf