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Event Date
Year 2 Parent Reading and Phonic Workshop 27/09/2023
Year 1 (Year 2 parents if invited) Phonic Workshop for parents 28/09/2023
Harvest Festival Assembly 02/10/2023
Year 5 and 6 Bikeability (2nd-6th October) 02/10/2023
Individual Class Photo's 03/10/2023

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To support your child's learning in Geography, you will find below a selection of places to visit, websites to explore and activities to enjoy with your child. Home learning is an invaluable resource in deepening your child's understanding and also sparking their interest in a subject.

If you visit any of these exciting places or complete an activity, your class teacher would love to hear about it, see photographs or read a recount of your day together.

Year 1 - A visit to the seaside!

When the sun comes out, catch the train to the beach.  While you are there you can walk on the sand, paddle in the shallows and maybe even try to catch some crabs. Talk about the waves, high tide, low tide and about the sand.

Year 2  -  Take a walk into town!

In class, children will be comparing Upminster with a non-European town. A walk into Upminster will be invaluable in helping your child share a knowledge of the town. Look at the shops, the traffic and transport, the park and the houses. If you are lucky enough to have any non-European holidays booked, take the opportunity to visit a local town to explore!

Year 3  - Visit the Natural History Museum!

Children will be learning about earthquakes and volcanoes and the Natural History Museum has an exhibition dedicated to these natural disasters. Have a look to find information about how these occur and why. Or, take the audio tour -  there's a lot to see at the museum besides volcanoes and earthquakes.

Year 4  Take a walk through Kew!

In the summer term, year 4 will be learning about the vegetation and biomes in South America.   If The Eden Project in Cornwall is too far for you, why not visit the famous Kew Gardens.   Here, you will find out about the different vegetation that grows around the world and find out why some plants do not survive in certain climates.

Year 5 and 6 -  Maps at the ready!

Upper Key Stage 2 will be working on improving their map skills.   This would be an excellent opportunity to go on a hike or even a drive with your child using an Ordinance Survey map to direct you.    Have a look at the different symbols, road types and contour lines! Remember to plan your journey carefully before you set out to avoid getting lost!