Dates for your diary
Event Date
Parent consultation meetings 4.00 - 7.00pm 27/02/2018
Reception & KS1 Lead learner assembly 26/03/2018
KS2 Lead learner assembly 27/03/2018
School closes normal time for Easter break 29/03/2018
Y1 book look 9.05am 24/04/2018

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Visit the website of our Parent & Teachers Association, 'The Friends of Branfil' for more informaiton about fundraising for the school and upcoming events.
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Teaching Staff
Mrs N Sansom- Head Teacher
Mrs L Fisk - Deputy Head, Early Years leader
Miss A Sutherland – Assistant Head & SENCO
Miss L Bain - Y6 leader
Miss A Kelner - on maternity leave
Miss L Briton
Mrs E Lee - Y1 & Y4 leader
Mrs E Campbell - Y5 leader
Miss Bateman - Y3 leader
Miss R Evenden
Miss A O’Toole - Y2 leader
Mrs E Daly
Miss A Oakley
Mrs S Goodman - Y3 & Y4 leader
Mrs L Harris - 
Mrs T White - Y3 leader
Miss E Quinn - Reception leader
Mrs N Caffull 
Mrs G Murphy
Mrs E Jones
Miss J Goodman
Miss N Pearce Year 1 Leader
Mrs A Stevenson
Mrs M Regan
Mr R Grant
Miss J Morriss
Miss R Philpott

Teaching Assistants
Mrs A Baggs
Mrs L Mead
Mrs R Betts
Mrs A Medlock
Mrs S Bambury
Mrs A Pedrick
Mrs C Pedrick
Ms A Veal
Mrs K Smith
Mrs J Dawkins
Mrs L Smith , HLTA
Mr M Edwards, HLTA
Mrs C Holden
Mrs C Watley
Miss R Kemp
Miss M Clarke
Mrs E Mason
Mrs C Dower HLTA
Mrs S Galvin

Mid Day Assistants
Mrs H Lang
Mrs J Edards
Mrs D Philpot
Mrs W Pennant
Miss L Gardiner
Mrs M Scott
Mrs D McMullen
Mrs C Watley
Mrs P Reed
Mrs M Exley
Mrs L Cunningham
Mrs L Woods
Mrs H Smith
Mrs J Gutridge
Mrs K Hayes
Mrs L Watts

Finance, Admin and Welfare
Mrs S Randlesome (school business manager)
Mrs J Glover
Mrs J Wall
Mrs J Wilson
Mrs A Hart

Site Manager & Cleaners
Mr P Herbert- Site Manager
Mr B Maul - School Keeper
Mrs P Reed
Mrs D Nyman
Mrs D McMullen
Mrs U Finney
Mrs  S Panter
Mrs A Awotwi-Dadzie
Mrs J Goldspink
Mrs N De Assiz

Music Teachers
Mr P Howard
Mr D Haskew
Mr P Harris
Mr P Lewis
Miss C Lowe
Miss M Hill