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Event Date
Parent consultation meetings 4.00 - 7.00pm 27/02/2018
Reception & KS1 Lead learner assembly 26/03/2018
KS2 Lead learner assembly 27/03/2018
School closes normal time for Easter break 29/03/2018
Y1 book look 9.05am 24/04/2018

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Visit the website of our Parent & Teachers Association, 'The Friends of Branfil' for more informaiton about fundraising for the school and upcoming events.
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Parent Forum

At Branfil, we believe in working in partnership with parents and carers for the benefit of our pupils. We welcome feedback and value your views so we have decided to introduce a Parents� Forum to support this open communication.

Q. How often will it be held?
Once a term:
• Friday 24th November 9.00-10.00am
• Tuesday 27th February 2.15-3.15pm
• Tuesday 15th May 5.00-6.00pm

Q. What is it for?
• Discussion about whole school issues that will help the school to improve further
• Answer questions that parents/carers may have about the school
• Consult parents/carers about current issues or developments to gauge parental opinion

Q. What is it NOT for?
• Discussion about issues that are child or class specific � these need to be addressed with the appropriate members of staff

Q. Who will be there?
• Headteacher
• Governors
• Parents/carers

Q. How will it be organised?
• Letter sent out 2 weeks in advance requesting questions to be submitted at least one week in advance • Informal seating arrangements
• Questions previously submitted answered
• Refreshments available
• Answers posted on the website for those who are unable to attend to access.

We hope to see you there!?
Parent Forum Notes from 24 November