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Event Date
Parent consultation meetings 4.00 - 7.00pm 27/02/2018
Reception & KS1 Lead learner assembly 26/03/2018
KS2 Lead learner assembly 27/03/2018
School closes normal time for Easter break 29/03/2018
Y1 book look 9.05am 24/04/2018

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Visit the website of our Parent & Teachers Association, 'The Friends of Branfil' for more informaiton about fundraising for the school and upcoming events.
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Admission to Branfil Primary School


Applications for admission to Branfil Primary School can be made by contacting: Admissions Team-Primary

c/o Town Hall, Main Road, Romford RM1 3BD

01708 434600

Admissions Criteria for Branfil Primary School

If there are more applications than there are places available at the School, the admissions team will use the following criteria, in priority order, for deciding which applications to accept.

1. Looked After Children and Children who were Looked After, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).
2. Exceptional medical or exceptional social grounds (supporting medical or other evidence must be provided at the time of application).
3. The attendance in September at the School of a brother or sister.
4. The distance of the home address from the School, as measured by a straight line from the School, those pupils living nearer the School being given higher priority.

If, because of over subscription in any of the categories 1-3 above, it is necessary to distinguish between applicants, the distance of the applicant’s home address from the School, as measured by a straight line from the School, will be used with those pupils living nearer the School being given higher priority.

The number of pupils to be admitted to the Reception age group is 90.

 Reception Admission September 2017

Children starting in Reception in September 2017 will start school part-time on the week 11th - 15th September (either morning or afternoon) and then full time from 18th September.

Staff will complete home visits between the 5th - 8th of September.